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My Karate Odyssey
Kaicho Hoosain Narkerís
My Karate Odyssey is now available read more ...

Ashihara Karate
ďGet TogetherĒ

Kaicho will visit the Danish Dai Ki Haku Honbu Dojo (Shihan Kurt Orum 9th Dan) in Viborg, Denmark in November 2008

Kaicho returned from a teaching tour of Thailand & Singapore in August/September 2008

World kumite 2008
The World Kumite Championships was held in Pattaya, Thailand in August 2008. This event showcased the true spirit of the Martial Arts and had top fighters from all around the World.  Kaicho was elected to the Executive Committee of Grand Masters.

Sabaki Challenge took place on August 23 in Cape Town - read more ...

The European Summer Camp took place in Belgium on May 23- 25. read more ...

Ashihara Kancho

Ashihara Karate Kaicho