Elements of Kata


The following elements should be clearly discerned and understood in the practice of Kata.

1. YOI NO KISIN - the spirit of getting ready. The concentration of will and mind against the opponent as a preliminary to the movements of the Kata.

2. INYO - the active and passive. Always keep in mind both attack and defence.

3. CHIKARA NO KYOJAKU - the manner of using strength. The degree of power used for each movement and position in Kata.

4. WAZA NO KANKYU - the speed of movement. The speed used for each movement and position in Kata.

5. TAI NO SHINSUKU - the degree of expansion or contraction. The degree of expansion or contraction of the body in each movement and position in Kata.

6. KOKYU - breathing. Breath control related to the posture and movement in Kata.

7. TYAKUGAN - the aiming points. In Kata you must keep the purpose of the movement in mind.

8. KIAI - shouting. Shouting at set points in Kata to demonstrate the martial spirit.

9. KEITAI NO HOJI - correct positioning. Correct positioning in movement and stance.

10. ZANSHIN - remaining on guard. Remaining on guard at the completion of the Kata. (ie. back to "Yoi") until told to relax.

As outlined by Kancho Hirokazu Kanazawa, 10 Dan - SKIF

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