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Streetwise Self-Defense

Streetwise Self Defence – Ashihara Karate International – Kaicho Hoosain Narker

In our Streetwise Defence Program you will learn about: Crime Statistics 5 Principle Self Defence Skills Anticipation Recognition Negotiation Evasion Response Our Motto is Avoidance and not Response, however you should be aware of the 4 Basic Assault Zones Home or Apartment Travelling in a car/bus/train Walking between Transportation & Destination On foot in Public as well as 3 Stages of Assault Search for a victim – selected carefully, both available and vulnerable Testing Stage – conversation then threats and intimidation Physical Aggression – if everything else goes OK, then assault will follow This enables you to be aware of Attacker Recognition as well as Attacker Negotiation. You will become familiar with the 6 Defensive Tools for Response which are: Distance Barricading Evasion Blocking Preventive Attacks Spirit