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Kihon-Tsuki – Ashihara Karate International – Kaicho Hoosain Narker Sabaki Fighting Karate

Seiken Chudan Tsuki Seiken Jodan Tsuki Seiken Ago Uchi uchishomen1 Uraken Shomen Uchi Uraken Sayu Uchi Uraken Hizo Uchi Click on the drop down menu on the left to see an greater explanation of the above punches/strikes. Check your technique from the bottom up and from the point closest to your centre of gravity

For each technique, start off slowly & carefully. For punches start off slow ones. For speed training depending on the individual.

Don’t overdo it. On the last speed and pace. For all the basics, the closer the range, the greater the importance of tension, contraction in the drawn back arm.  For all physical movement, aim for maximum contraction in muscles and joints, and then maximum release (straightening).

Points to watch for basic strikes : Is your lower body stable, with both knees flexible and supple? Is there enough tension in your knees? Is your waist too high? Are your ribs exposed? Is there sufficient twist in your knees and hips? Are your shoulders tense? Is your chin pulled in? Are you leaning forward slightly? Are you clenching your fist only at the moment of impact? Are you striking with your knuckles and elbow point? Are you pulling back your fist (or elbow) quickly enough? Is power being concentrated at the moment of impact? Is your upper body wobbling from side-to-side? Is your wrist at a right angle to the target on every punch?

Power should amount to 8O-9O% in the punching arm, the remainder being employed in the arm being pulled back. In your basic training, aim to increase the speed of the punching action.

Basic practice is carried out from a stationary position, in order to develop explosive power without stepping in, simply through the twist of the hips and shoulders. This will enable you increase both your power and your speed.