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Kamae – Ashihara Karate International – Kaicho Hoosain Narker Sabaki Fighting Karate

The basic Ashihara Karate stance (i.e. fighting stance) closely resembles the back stance of conventional karate. It is the easiest and most adaptable stance, naturally integrating with the flow of attack and defence during actual fighting situations.
The knees and elbows are bent lightly, thus keeping an ever ready reserve of muscle power which is instantly releasable when the need arises.

Closed Stance
In Ashihara Karate, one of the very worst things you can do is try to meet an opponent head-on. (The reason being that in an “equal” fight, the bigger man is always going to win in an situation.) So take care to present your opponent with the smallest possible area to attack, and always maintain a tight guard.

Position of the Hips and Upper Body
Don’t overdo the crouch! If you are already small it can be especially dangerous, as it will bring your face into just the right position to take a devastating kick, and there’s not much to be gained from handing the fight to your opponent on a plate.
Incline the body slightly forward. This makes it easier to shift weight forward for smooth punching.

Position of the hands
The hands may either rest open or clench into fists.It is usually easier to block or parry with an open hand, though during real fights, you should punch with fists clenched tightly, impacting at the point of the knuckles.(When sparring, use the heel of the hand to prevent injuries.) Stance
During a fight the feet will tend to move apart, so keep in mind that shoulder width is about right. A very wide , open stance makes no sense in practical fighting. (This stance, however, does have the advantage of being very stable, and can thus be used for throws.)
The back foot should angle 30 to 40 degrees away from the line of the front foot. For fast consecutive attacks, adopt a somewhat narrower stance for added rhythm and smoothness.

The human body’s weakest points are the eyes, the chin, and the groin. Get this into your head, and be sure to always guard these vital points.
The hands and arms have not only to attack, but guard everything from the shoulders up. Never forget this in fights.