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Distance Education

Distance Education – Ashihara Karate International – Kaicho Hoosain Narker


From Ashihara Karate’s Director – Kaicho Hoosain Narker & his team of Black Belts! Not Just Video Tapes, But a Complete Learning System

Learn what it takes to become a Black Belt in Ashihara Karate in your own home, at your own pace!

Have you been thinking about learning a sophisticated, modern Karate style, taught in a systematic and easy-to-understand way, but been unable to do anything about it because of your specific circumstances? Perhaps you live far away from a suitable Karate dojo? Or maybe the dojos in your immediate neighbourhood are all McDojo’s catering to the average age of ten and a half years old, all after-school child- minding activity centres with martial arts flavoured fun and games, but not suitable to you, the serious adult student? Or perhaps your working hours clash with the times at which classes are taught in your area? Whatever your problem might be, there is now a solution easily available which lets you study at your own speed, at times that suit you and progresses you up the ranking ladder towards the coveted Black Belt.

Used by instructors and students alike with great success in over 30 countries worldwide. FIVE * great DVD’s give you endless techniques, forms, philosophy, strategy and dynamics of this fighting art in a step by step learning format (including the names of techniques in Japanese for the serious student). Nowhere else in the world is this information available formatted as it is in this easy to learn Beginners to Black Belt, DVD system. These DVD‟s was designed to guide your progress as you watch moves over and over or frame by frame in slow motion as you practice them.

1.  Distance Education.

Due to numerous requests from all over the world, we have started a correspondence or home study course, which means that student’s study at home in their own time using course materials designed and developed by A.K.I. Although this form of education has been around for a while, new and exciting methodology is being developed at a breath-taking pace, which means that your learning process will move forward at an ever-accelerating pace, as this technology keeps improving! When you study at home, you need more than excellent study material and efficient administrative services. You also need support and encouragement to keep you motivated. Our headquarters are there to deal with any questions or problems that students may encounter.

If you enrol for the full course up to and including Black Belt, a personal Black Belt-level mentor will be selected for you, someone who will actively help you with any questions you might have or any sticking points that might develop.

Here’s how the course works: Once you join our team, you’ll receive the STUDY GUIDES, a Sabaki DVD and a Blue Belt1 DVD. Study it and when you feel you are

comfortable with the material, we will arrange for a “Correspondence / distance learning” test where you’ll send us a video of you performing the basic requirements. Kaicho Narker himself will review your footage and send you back his comments. He will also discuss your progress with your black belt-level mentor and make suggestions as to how they can help you improve even further. No DVD course is a complete substitute for a qualified licensed instructor and even though personal training is more effective, our program can be utilised for maximum benefit, because these extra measures have been built-in so as to make up for the fact that distance learning has challenges that face-to-face weekly tuition does not have. We have, for example, never come across a dojo in which each student is assigned a personal black belt-level mentor to keep track of and fine-tune their progress.

As you pass each level (we have 8 in all) you will receive a certificate for each.  Our

8 Kyu system contains requirements for striking, kicking, forms, sparring, street defence, and much more.

(PLEASE NOTE: Instructors wishing to become certified contact our office for specific details.)

2.  We’ve been around for over 43 Years.

It is with pride that we can tell of a rich history back to 1980. Looking at our website you can see how our style, learning methodology and organization have grown and evolved over the decades of its existence. Through the years we have taken a leading role in the development of students both physically, mentally and academically through various training courses, a role which has enabled many thousands of students to successfully achieve their goals.

3.  Video testing and introduction.

This method of tuition has many benefits:

  • It means that you can enrol on the course at any time of the year from anywhere in the world.
  • Furthermore, it means that you progress through the course at your own pace, skimming through aspects you find easy and spending more time on the difficult parts.
  • No classes to attend, you can’t be held back nor left behind by “the rest of the class”. You devote as much or as little time as you wish on your studies. You set the pace. However, it is recommended to have a training partner. This will speed up the development.
  • We have developed a series of DVD‟s to enrich the learning experience and to provide for the special needs of students learning at home.
4.  We are located in South Africa.

Cape Town in fact, is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It does however have a problem as regards criminality. This means that, nearly by definition, every Black Belt in our system has had to use their Karate to defend themselves at some point in time and that you benefit from this hands-on experience and are sure that you are learning a style that you can use for your self- defence needs, should you ever need to do so!

5.  We’re technologically advanced.

Every facet of A.K.I. makes use of modern technology like computers, the internet, social media, Whatsapp, etc. to enhance the service we provide for our students. Students‟ progress is accurately controlled; every contact made by every student is diligently recorded for reference to ensure that we are able to maintain our standards for delivering fast, effective communication.

6.  Study Material.

Our study material will be constantly reviewed to make sure the content is up-to- date and appropriate to changing needs. The easy-to-use DVDs make the material simple to follow. You can train at home and incorporate these strategies and tactics easily into your current workout. Study this very exclusive series of DVDs and discover the impact Kaicho Hoosain Narker and Ashihara Karate will have on your confidence and training!

Get an injection of inspiration. Hundreds of new drills and training concepts! Expand your arsenal – become a CORRESPONDENCE STUDENT today.

6.1.  DVD Learning.

As part of your course, a series of video DVD will be made available in which all basics and techniques are shown in detail. You train accordingly and, in this way, a level of standardisation can be maintained.

6.2.  Various Handbooks’.

As part of your course, a series of handbook’s which includes the Student Handbook, Preparing for Black Belt Manual, Kata Guide and the Teaching Manual will also be made available.

6.3. Video Testing.

For testing purposes, you must submit a DVD or video clips of yourself performing the requirements as per the DVD and student handbook. There are many ways in which you can get these video clips to us. Dropbox, Wetransfer, a private YouTube channel, the variety of technical possibilities means that this is a very simple process…and, should you struggle with this, your mentor will be on hand to assist you. The headquarters will review such tape, analyse and evaluate your performance and then forward its comments back to you. Upon completion of the requirements, which may also include a theory test, appropriate certification will be issued. Testing by video submission is available up to 1st Kyu.

Black Belt test must be done in person at our dojo, camp or seminar and or by an authorised instructor. Given that our senior instructors teach many seminars all over the world, the chances are excellent that there would be a seminar held in a location much close to you than, say, Cape Town.

We now also conduct testing online using Zoom – so that can be an option for you also – we also present online seminars using this facility.

6.4. Follow-Up

Follow up training will occur through Seminars & Camps in member countries and communication via the Internet and our ever-expanding Web Site.

7.  Travel costs.

Travel costs are minimised as no longer does anyone have to travel all the time to rectify mistakes in techniques and forms. All an instructor or student has to do is slip the DVD into a player/pc to see what the correct performance of the technique is.

8.  Administrative services.

Your registration will be processed as soon as we receive it so that you can start your studies immediately. We guarantee prompt response to all your queries, whether they are written, telephonic or through electronic mail (e-mail).

9.  Where to reach us by conventional means.

Of course you can reach us right this minute if you want to by sending us e-mail, but if you prefer to send us a letter then mail it to:

A.K.I., 5B Fauna Road, Steenberg 7947, Cape Town, South Africa,

And if you want to speak to us over the telephone, dial: +27 21 7011701 or +27 82 369 6904 (Mobile) on Whatsapp. Please send a message prior to calling as we may be busy teaching or not able to answer at that specific moment.

10.  Course content.

The DVDs feature Ashihara karate taught one belt level at a time. Each DVD incorporates material for 1 grade of the kyu level.

11.  Cost.

One of our aims in creating this form of learning is to be able to offer an entire system of KARATE at a VERY AFFORDABLE PRICE.

  1. REGISTRATION A – $50 this includes membership to Ashihara Karate International and a digital copy of the Student Handbook, Kata Guide, Preparing for Black Belt Manual and Teaching Manual. (Note – DVD’s is to be purchased separately)
  2. REGISTRATION B – $100 (Includes DVD’s)
  3. Handbooks and Guides (4)
  4. Membership to A.K.I.
  5. Sabaki DVD.
  6. 8th Kyu Blue Belt DVD.
  7. Logo and Calligraphy badge of Ashihara Karate.

The cost per DVD is $34.95 plus $10.00 for postage and packing. DVD 1 – Sabaki – The Ultimate Strategy.

DVD 2 – 8th Kyu Blue Belt. DVD 3 – 7th Kyu Blue Belt. DVD 4 – Basics

DVD 5 – Practical Applications DVD 6 – Kata Part 1

DVD 7 – Piper Knife Fighting System featuring Shihan Erik Petermann

  • The price of the DVD‟s includes testing and certification fee for Kyu grades.

*** It is recommended, to those who are starting on the Distance Education program, to obtain DVD‟s 1-2. This coupled with the various manuals, will initially give the student the proper guidelines for studying at home.

*** Note that the DVD‟s may be purchased without enrolling on the Distance Education Program.

For further information, contact AKI Headquarters at

Ashihara Karate Tape Series is a professionally developed, designed and recorded version of Ashihara Karate.