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Powerful Kicking!

Powerful Kicking – Ashihara Karate International – Kaicho Hoosain Narker Sabaki Fighting Karate

Kick with both legs; use the whole body
It is said that the legs have twice the power of the arms. It follows that in karate, your legs will prove to be your greatest weapons. Just as in punching, a good kicks carries with it the weight of the entire body. One foot to the floor, one foot to the target – both part of the same kick. There are many ways of striking with the legs : the roundhouse kick, the front kick, the side kick (outside edge of the heel), back kick, knee strike and innumerable variations of the above.

Kicking with the whole body – front kick
Pay attention to the position of the hips, the stretch of the knee, and the ankle of the kicking leg. Ideally, kick without raising the heel of the pivot leg. Stretch the knee to keep the pivot leg straight.

Points to remember during a kick
When you pull back the kicking leg, do it quickly and sharply : don’t leave it there.
The turning action of the waist is important – make sure you turn fully.
Pay attention to the movement of the thigh and knee. Lead in with the knee.
Don’t try to kick from a stiff, upright position. Use the spring from the
ankle and knee of the pivot leg to deliver the extra power to the kick.

After returning the kicking leg
1. Bring the foot down in front of the pivot leg and shift the weight to free the pivot leg for kicking. Step forward in a one-two kicking motion.
2. Bring the foot down behind the pivot leg, then snap out again for a powerful double kick.
Bringing the kicking foot into line with the pivot leg has the advantage that your opponent can’t tell which leg you will use to kick next; however, stopping in that position is dangerous. It makes you an easy target to kick, or knock down.