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Ashihara Karate is one of the most practical karate systems today. It is a karate system based on Sabaki........ - the combination of defence and offence into one!


Since he started his karate journey in the seventies, Hoosain Narker has passionately shared his skills not only in South Africa, but around the world.

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Ashihara Karate World Championships

It is our intention to host the Ashihara Karate World Cup in December of 2024 to be held in Cape Town on the weekend of 13/14 December. The weekend before we will be having our Summer Camp and during the week of the camp to tournament, seminars and others and meet and greet with the …

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To Lead by Example!

We Must Lead by EXAMPLE! – Kaicho Hoosain Narker The following was written by the Shihan of the Ichiban Kyokushin Karate Association – Shacho Neville Claasen A leader is referred to: “a person who leads a group of people, especially a head of a country, or an organization, or a business, or an enterprise.” Being …

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42nd Anniversary Training

42nd Anniversary for South African Karate Club Last Friday the Ashihara Karate club which was started on 2 September 1980 by Hoosain Narker in a suburb of Cape Town, reached its 42nd birthday and as part of the 42nd celebrations held a special training session at their dojo. Over 120 students participated with training conducted …

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Headmaster – Kaicho Hoosain Narker

Hoosain Narker, the International Director for Ashihara Karate, a black belt martial artist with over forty five years” experience, has a vast knowledge of many major styles of Martial Arts. He started his Martial Arts career in 1974 at age 10 and holds Dan Ranking in Ashihara Karate, Kyokushin, Goju Ryu and Taekwondo. Kaicho has …

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