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Targets – Ashihara Karate International – Kaicho Hoosain Narker Sabaki Fighting Karate

Strike at the most vital spots – select the most effective techniques.ZONE A

A. lower face
B. bridge of nose
C. temples
D. chin
E. throat
F. back of head
G. nape of neck
H. collarbone

Use punches, or long reaching high kicks, connecting from the shin down. When aiming at bone, or hard areas such as the back of the neck, use the elbows or knees

I. Heart
J. solar plexus, liver
K. sides, ribs
L. abdomen
M. groinUse punches or middle kicks connecting from the knee or elbow. Sinking a hard middle kick into the body is especially effective

N. outer thigh, calf
O. knee
P. inner thigh, calf
Q. ankleUse lower kicks connecting from below the shin, In softer areas, such as the thigh, also use the elbow strike.***Once the opponents defence is broken, you can use any kick or punch on any part of the body. Joints are a good target.