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Word List — Ashihara Karate International – Kaicho Hoosain Narker Sabaki Fighting Karate

The four positions: Refers to the step work that symbolizes the basic circular movements of Ashihara Karate. They are represented in the badge of the Ashihara School.
Fight control: A term that symbolizes all that Ashihara karate stands for, it implies a revolutionary, logical and safe karate; specifically, it refers to the ability to take up a safe and strong position from which to contain your opponent and launch a counter attack.
Positioning: Refers to the ability to take up a position at the opponents side or back from which you can easily attack without being attacked yourself.
Impact: Refers to the moment the strike makes contact with the opponent, it is used for attacking movements and blocks, all power is concentrated in that moment.
Follow-through: Refers to the movement from the time of impact to the end of the technique, damage is inflicted with “impact” and the follow through sends the opponent flying. After following through the hand or feet is quickly retracted.
In step: A step forward.
Back step: A step back wards.
Side step: Stepping to either the right or left.
Inside step: ‘in step’ (see above) refers not only to stepping in straight, but also at an angle to the inside, the term ‘inside step’ is used to emphasize this aspect.
Infighting: Refers to fighting with an opponent from middle or close distance.
Sticking: Refers to the closest possible position with your opponent, when your hand can touch your opponent with your elbow by your side. Throws are carried out from the sticking position. If you push your opponent away you can apply any kind of attack.
Outside: The area behind the body from which technique cannot be launched. With your left foot placed forward it will be your left side and with your right foot placed forward it will be to your right side. ‘Positioning’ means to move to your opponent’s outside.
Switch: Refers to the switching of stance by remaining in the same place- just changing from the left stance to a right stance in order to launch an attack